Star Wars Paper Dolls: Luke Skywalker No. 5

Star Wars paper dolls Luke SkywalkerToday for Force February we have more Luke as he transitions from The Empire Strikes Back to Return of the Jedi. And yes, we’re talking all drab now. Once Luke puts on the black, he pretty much never changes into anything else.

Fortunately, he has some layers to work with including this dark brown cloak he wears in his fist scene confronting Jabba the Hutt, and the black tunic he wears under it (and over the rest of his black suit, which is on the plate that will follow this one).

I also included on this plate, his grey Bespin jacket, which I mentioned yesterday, and his belt and holster, which also goes along with that set. I guess I could have connected the belt to the jacket. I know there was a reason I didn’t at the time, but it’s strangely lost to me now ~ ha!

Just one more plate for Luke tomorrow to close out the other pieces of his Return of the Jedi ensemble. I went with a relatively light black for these outfits because I wanted to make sure the detailing was visible and, once again, deep saturated blacks don’t tend to print well (though printers have gotten progressively better over the years).

Star Wars paper dolls Luke SkywalkerAnyway, I really liked Luke in black. I never thought there was any actual danger of him being seduced to the Dark side, so it didn’t freak me out (as apparently it freaked out other people at the time).

Since then, a lot has been made of the fact that the outfit gets disheveled before the end of the film and it’s revealed that the underside of the black fabric is white. That metaphor was also lost on me as a kid, but then I didn’t equate black with evil anyway.

A plate for Leia tomorrow and then I’m doing some reorganizing, but I will definitely finish posting Luke and Leia over the first couple of week of March (maybe change to “Force Friday” until the all the extant plates are done.

Then maybe I’ll go back to working on Dark Vader and/or The Force Awakens plates that I want to do.

[Click on each image to download a printable .pdf copy of each plate]

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  • Julie Matthews

    I always liked the black Jedi costume. It symbolized his change from naive farmboy to knowledgeable adult in my mind anyway, even as a kid. Of course, that could be because I’m from Nowhere, Vermont, and getting an education was the best way to get out and see the world. I guess I could always relate to Luke.

    You’re method for achieving “black” is way better than mine! I’ve been trying to move more towards dark grey than true black, too — it really does read better. I’ve really enjoyed this whole series so far!

    • RLC

      Black is tough, isn’t it? I always tend towards a very dark grey and then hope it still reads as black. I’ve heard some people use really dark navy or red, but I’ve never really tried that technique.

      • when my brother was learning to paint with oils, i remember discovering
        that true black doesn’t really occur in nature the way out eyes process
        color. it made total sense, but i’m still challenged to mix it. when i paint i tend to use a lot of indigo. when i’ve tried red, it just looks muddy, but i’m sure it’s because i’m mixing the wrong colors ~ hahaha

        • Julie Matthews

          My high school art teacher refused to give us tubes of black paint when we were learning how to paint. We had to learn how to mix black and that there are warm blacks & cool blacks, just like with other colors. My favorite way to make black these days (in oil and watercolor) is a cobalt blue with burnt sienna.

          • yes! i tend to use sepia and indigo, which is probably a muddier black than cobalt and sienna. that’s mostly out of laziness, to be honest. i only have about a dozen paint colors and i use them indiscriminately to make stuff up ~ often just utliizing what’s on the palette instead of trying to think about actual technique ~ hahaha

    • yeah, now that you say it, i think that was the way i took the transition as well!

      true black is totally overrated ~ hahaha.

  • Dude

    Will you be releasing the final plate for Luke?

    • sorry i didn’t see this message sooner! yes, i will be posting the final plates for this series. i got sidetracked in a huge way, but i literally just unearthed the box these are in and i’m hoping to post the last of the Original Trilogy character plates very soon, and hopefully start adding the Force Awakens characters.

      • Dude

        Thank you!