Judy : Vol. 29, 1881 Plate 5

vol29_05_thumbDigging up Judy, I discovered I actually did have two more plates worth of costumes drawn for this volume.  There were still four more that I had intended, but didn’t draw. The ones that I did, however, I might as well share–even if they aren’t the most glamorous.

The “Paraluna” costume here was rather lovely in Chasemore’s original drawing and included an interesting rectangular parasol. I not only made a hash of the dress itself, but then bailed on the accessory. Not one of my finer moments ~ ha! But I’m trying to post stuff even if it’s not to my (already low) expectations. I remind myself that just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean other people might.

I redrafted the Judy dolls, but I’m kind of torn about replacing them (the new ones are prettier, more delicate, but essentially the same pose). On the one hand it seems silly to trade horses mid-stream, but at the same time, I think the current couple of dolls have had a pretty good run.  New year: new dolls. Seems like a good idea. I was hoping to sort it out over the holiday, but lost the weekend in visiting and enjoying other stuff.

As usual, to find all the plates in this series (and the dolls themselves) click on the Judy tag down below.

[Click this link or the image to download a printable .pdf of these costumes]

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  • Paulina

    I really love the paraluna costume. It reminds of of something sailor moon would wear, if it took place in the 1880s.

    • thank you! and yes! did they ever do a steampunk style sailor moon? ha!

  • RLC

    Love these dresses. Your Judy stuff is some of my favorites. Could you just replace the heads through the “power of photoshop” and then have the same bodies? It would be sorta sad to have to start over a whole new set of dolls since you have so many cool gowns for the ones you have.

    • i originally intended to just change the heads, but for a lot of reasons i’ve decided to redraft. i really had planned well, but the chunkiness of the bodies is distorting the outfits in a way that displeases me, their feet are too big, and pretty soon the costumes won’t be able to fit on the page because of bustles and outrageous hats. so it made sense to slim them down, make them slightly shorter, and their bodies more delicate.

      i’m really hoping this will be the last time i do it. part of what made the decision easier, too, was that i had already redrawn Judy twice before, so it felt sorta par for the course. : o p

      • RLC

        Oh, yeah the bustle problem. I hadn’t thought about that. I do have to be careful about the width on some of the skirts I draw, or they won’t fit on the page. 🙂

        • right? it’s all about page management and not wasting space ~ hahaha!