Geneviéve: Ocean Explorer

For this month’s “occupation” theme I wanted some- thing unusual and adventuresome. My first impulse was to do a deep sea diver and then I wandered to astronaut and archeologist and even garbage maintenance before I returned to the ocean. Maybe she’s a treasure hunter. Maybe she’s an oceanographer or cetacean biologist. Or maybe she just teaches scuba lessons.

That’s what appealed to me about the dive-wear: there’s so many different things she could be!  You get to pick. In the meantime, I included some fishy friends she might encounter on her dives.

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This collaborative doll is posted at the end of each month throughout 2017. There’s a new theme each month!  To find all related posts on this blog, just click the “Geneviéve” tag.

[Click on this link or the picture to download a printable .pdf plate!]

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  • Julie Matthews

    This is so out of left field and awesome!! That octopus is great – and if you like that sort of thing, look up Otto and Victoria by Brian Kesinger. You will lose half a day if you do 🙂

    • i love kesinger’s stuff (not just his weird steampunk but his Star Wars cartoons are such a delight)! and i absolutely love octopi. maybe Geneviéve studies cephalopods! : D

  • RLC

    I love the octopus. He’s super fun and the turtle.

  • MissMissy Smith

    How creative! I would of never thought of that!

    • thanks Missy! : D