Star Wars Paper Dolls: Leia Organa

leia_01_color_thumbA long time ago in a galaxy very, very near…before George Lucas ever sold Lucasfilm, LTD for four billion dollars to make it “official”, Leia Organa was my Disney princess. I was never a girly-girl and though I enjoyed fairy tales, Princess Leia was far more interesting than those gown-wearing, hair flaunting blondes. She was whip-smart, sharp-tongued, and could handle stormtroopers herself. She was also an important leader in the Resistance. Take that, Sleeping Beauty.

In an era of not too many great female role models, Carrie Fisher gave girls a character to really admire. Of course she was beautiful too, but beauty was the least of her impressive qualities (even if the boys couldn’t see that sometimes). And I love that Carrie Fisher still doesn’t take any guff from anybody (if you’ve seen her Twitter @carrieffisher, you know what I mean).

leia_01_bw_thumbThis is the first of 6 plates I have for Leia (she’s got quite a few costumes, like Luke). I was never a big fan of her original “bun” hair style (had trouble drawing it too), but it is her iconic first-appearance look, so I had to include it, of course. Because Leia has a lot of different hairstyles throughout the Original Trilogy, she has lots of swappable heads. Like Han, she doesn’t have many accessories, though, so I gave her some weapons (which is she does use in the series).

Not much difference between the colored plate and the black & white plate on this one (even moreso on the next one). Leia does wear a lot of white!

Just as with Luke and Han, I will likely update Leia for The Force Awakens, so there may be an additional plate eventually. I was honestly surprised and delighted to see her in the new movie (I had no idea), though I think she’s gone from the strongest woman in the galaxy to the most tragic. She’s still strong, though. And I fully expect that strength to carry her through this Sequel Trilogy. And I have my fingers crossed that she ultimately has something like a happy ending. She deserves it.

[Click on each image to download a printable .pdf copy of each plate]

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  • It seems like the link to the color version might be broken?

    • that was odd ~ must have accidentally left an extra space in the url. it’s fixed now. thank you for letting me know! : D

  • Julie Matthews

    I love this 🙂 Leia was my princess, too. I tried to love Padme Amidala….it just wasn’t the same. Her blasters are great. Every princess should be able to rescue herself!

    In my geekier long-haired youth, I admit I wore my hair like that at least a few times!!

    • yeah Padme was kinda milquetoast, wasn’t she? her bizarre love for Anakin set feminism back about 30 years ~ hahaha.

      i’m always surprised to see people with the buns or variations on the buns. it’s not a terribly flattering hairstyle, i don’t think. but then there aren’t many hair-up styles i like ~ ha! most of Leia’s other looks are much better.

  • RLC

    Leia was definitely a strong female heroine and I really loved her. I agree her hairstyle is… well… kinda unflattering looking, but it was the 1970s and there was a bad hair going around. Padme Amidala might have won the “amazing dresses” contest, but there was something strong and sassy and smart about Leia that the character never had. I will admit that her white dress might be my least favorite of all her costumes.

    Your Star Wars dolls are making me want to rewatch the original movies. Maybe I’ll do that tonight… 🙂

    • hahaha ~ Padme definitely got the better wardrobe!

      and, the white dresses she wears in the original film are iconic now, but really pretty bland.

      i really enjoyed re-watching the movies after having not seen them for many years during the dark times. for the most part they hold up really well. and it was rather bittersweet to see Han and Leia’s relationship progress through the films.

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