Star Wars Paper Dolls: Han Solo

Star Wars Paper Dolls Han SoloI originally planned to post Han late in the run because I couldn’t imagine writing anything about him without referencing his fate in The Force Awakens, but now I’m glad I can speak freely without worry about spoilers for Julie (ha!).

So yeah, Han Solo: Rogue. Smuggler. Rebel General. Scruffy-looking Nerf-herder. National Treasure. Harrison Ford created something wonderful in Han Solo and it’s only unfortunate that he was hell-bent on killing him ever since–especially after it could be argued that the role made his career (and he never got entirely typecast by it).  So even though I went into The Force Awakens almost 100% spoiler-free, I knew his time was up. There was no way Harrison Ford would have come back to the role unless they promised him he could die.

And what a death: like pure Greek tragedy. I’m going to miss Han Solo, but I do take comfort in the fact that he’ll never really die so long as there’s video recordings. I just hope they can salvage his legacy by doing something to save his train wreck of a son. For his sake, for Leia’s sake, for all their sakes.

Star Wars Paper Dolls Han SoloAbout the paper doll: Han has the fewest number of outfits of the three leads in the Original Trilogy. Part of the reason is that he spends a portion of the movies frozen in carbonite, but also his original look is so iconic there was never much need to embellish it. Even more than 30 years later, he’s still wearing the same belt and holster in The Force Awakens, and his costume is strikingly similar in style. So he’s got a mere three plates worth of options form the Original Trilogy and a few weapons for accessories, including the infamous blaster with which he shot Greedo first.

And in case you’re wondering, I do intend to draw Chewbacca, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet, so it will likely be a while before you see Han’s loyal sidekick here.

Like Luke, I have not yet updated Han for The Force Awakens, so there may be an additional plate eventually.

[Click on each image to download a printable .pdf copy of each plate]

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  • RLC

    So, I have always had a bit of a crush on Han Solo, but than… who didn’t? Anyway… I find how well you made the blaster really delightful. I have always struggled to draw mechanical devices.

    • i confess i scribbled that blaster in a mad rush this morning when i realized i had forgotten it altogether. fer shame ~ ha! i got lucky. i don’t think i’m very good at mechanical things either. but again, there are really good references for these things online.

      whosoever didn’t love Han Solo should be flogged.

  • Julie Matthews

    Aww…. You didn’t have to hold off on these for me!! I very much appreciate that you did, though.

    I always loved Han Solo. Honestly, my dad looks a LOT like Luke and that always kinda weirded me out. Han Solo was cool, ruggedly handsome, didn’t look like my dad, and was also Indiana Jones. What’s not to love?!

    I’m amazed by the portraits. Really well done. My sons and I are going to spend the rest of our snow day coloring & cutting these!

    • thanks Julie! i’m happy to know you will be enjoying these with your sons! that’s so awesome. also hahaha that’s so funny about your dad!

      and yes, Indiana Jones too! what an amazing career Harrison Ford has had. throw in Deckard from Blade Runner and he’s certainly the hero of my generation.