Star Wars Paper Dolls: Han Solo No. 2

Star Wars paper dolls Han SoloTo go with Luke Skywalker’s stolen stormtrooper uniform from yesterday, here is Han’s. I won’t be redundant here about how hard it was to draw the helmet (though I think I just was ~ ha). I will repeat that however much fun drawing the stormtroopers were, I am terrible with straight lines, so I hope you will forgive all the wiggliness there.

Even more fun than the stormtroopers, however, was drawing the Hoth costumes. Snow + Star Wars = massive win in my book, so you can imagine how excited I was by the whole finale of The Force Awakens. I’m only sorry that Starkiller Base went supernova. I would love to see more snowy landscapes in the Sequel Trilogy going forward.

Han has so few costume changes that we’re already looking at his first look from The Empire Strikes Back, and it was a great look. I loved everything about Hoth as a kid: the snow, the tauntauns, the snow, the AT-ATs, the snow, the abominable wampa (did I mention also the snow?). And here’s a fun fact for you: all my life I believed Han’s Hoth coat was blue (like many others did), but as I was looking for resources to draw today’s costume, I came across a video that shows it was just a trick of the lighting.

Star Wars paper dolls Han SoloYes, the coat is actually brown.

I didn’t think it was possible to blow my mind on some niggling detail of Star Wars costuming, but consider it blown.

Well, I still colored it blue in the plate because that’s how I will always remember it. Even when I watch the movie now, I can’t see a brown coat (though admittedly, my color sensibilities are poor). Nevertheless, feel free to do as you like with the one you can color for yourself (that’s what it’s there for, after all!).

Sadly, I’ve only got one more plate of costumes for Han Solo! For a character so large, he occupies such a small space in this collection. I thought of ways of stretching him more broadly, but they were all just redundant. He wears what he wears and what he wears is all pretty simple in the end.

[Click on each image to download a printable .pdf copy of each plate]

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  • RLC

    I love drawing quilting way more than normal people should, so I am please to see quilting on the Hoth costumes. It is remarkable about how lighting can change how a costume piece looks. Years ago, I did theater lighting and this was a topic of considerable discussion. You never want to put people in pure all white on stage, because it is practically impossible to light properly and it’ll look like the person is radioactively glowing. (Which I guess could be a thing you want, but really… it’s a pain.) I did notice on Amazon there’s a whole book out on Star Wars costumes. (Also one on Star Trek that I want really really badly.)

    • we share a quilting fetish! ha!

      i worked in the theatre too long long ago and yeah, it’s shocking what stage lights can do.

      i once had to wear a pale teal court gown with huge panniers and a giant blonde wig with a boat in it ~ and i was powdered up like nuts. all of which were bad decisions by the designer because everything washed out on stage: i looked like an enormous blobby ghost.

      worst costuming experience ever ~ hahaha

  • Julie Matthews

    Oh no! It’s the blue-black/gold-white dress debate of the Star Wars universe!!

    I created a pattern swatch in Illustrator specifically so I can avoid drawing quilting! My pattern looks more like upholstery than quilting but I’m ok with that. The fur is nice. I find any excuse I can to draw fur!

    • hahaha! it totally is the black/gold dress controversy!

      i love drawing quilting. it appeals to my need for mindless marking ~ hahaha. and i love fur too. i should have a paper doll that is all quilted and furry all the time!