Geneviéve: A Collaborative Paper Doll

One of the best things about the paper doll community is that although it is rather niche, it’s also welcoming. I love to share thoughts and ideas with other paper doll enthusiasts, and two of the best bloggers out there right now are Julie Matthews at Paper Doll School, and Rachel at Paper Thin Personas. We’ve collaborated in the past to create dolls for a variety of occasions. Our last one was a while back: a masquerade paper doll, with costumes from paper doll fans all over the internet.

It was high time we did another, so now we have a monthly doll to share with you across all three blogs. With a body designed by Julie, each site has posted their own version of the doll, and all three will be able to mix and match their wardrobes (some headwear may not be compatible).

I named my doll Geneviéve, after Catherine Deneuve’s sweet naive character in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. I don’t actually imagine the doll as blonde, but with the magic of your own coloring tools, you can make her whatever you want!

Each month there will be a theme for this doll. For January, the theme is “The Year You were Born”. I’ll be posting Geneviéve’s first plate of clothes this coming Friday, the 27th.

[Meanwhile, click on the picture or this link to download the doll!]


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  • Julie Matthews

    This is beautiful! It’s wonderful to see how we all interpreted this differently. I definitely under-utilized my white space. I love the heads and I wish I had your hand-lettering talent. It’s another project I keep saying I’ll work on. SO EXCITED about this!

    • thank you! i’m super excited about it as well!
      and that’s no hand-lettering, it’s a font! hahaha

  • bfmama

    Beautiful! So excited for this project! Thank you!

    • thank you! it’s fun to have you along for the journey! : D

  • RLC

    Oh, I still love your dolls hair! Also great font, I agree with Julie.

    • thank you!

      i really want to print your 80s hairdo and see if i can make it fit on my doll. it might!