Catwalk Couture: Salvage [Plate 1]

Next Sunday is Oscars night! Preparatory to that, I offer my salvage operations. I had done these fashions when I first…


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  • RLC

    I love the blue dress and the plaid swimsuit. Plaid is my enemy. I don’t like it! The jean dress is beautiful too.

    • plaid is my enemy too! the straight lines give me shingles. i’m learning to deal with it, though. i think i did slightly better on the men’s Burberry stuff than the women’s (no surprise perhaps ~ ha!).

      i was so determined to salvage that jean dress–i really liked the lines on it. glad i was able to!

  • Julie Matthews

    I don’t always keep my line work separate either. It’s been easier now that I’m mainly working digitally.

    This may sound very art nerd, but I really love the balance of complementary colors. The blue & orange just look great together.

    • thank you! i can’t take credit for the colors. not only do i suck at color, but i’m just working with the designer’s collections (and thankfully they know color ~ ha!). but i’ll happily take credit for reproducing it faithfully enough that it looks nice! : D