Catwalk Couture: David Hart [Plate 15]

I probably have said it before, but it bears repeating: I really strongly (strongly) dislike spring/summer fashions. Maybe especially on men. So pulling this one out was real work for me.

I don’t hate the plate, really. I actually like their tropical shirts and they were fun to draw. The shorts and the shoes, though. Ugh. Give me the willies. I’m pretty sure Lonan hates them too (though he looks good, so there is that). Niall, on the other hand, definitely strikes me as a summer person and I’m sure this is not the last of the khaki we’ll see on him. That polo shirt totally makes my skin crawl!

I have been horrendously busy and neglecting this blog, which means I’m coming to the end of my couture buffer with no backup in sight! I’m hoping to double-down on my drawing efforts in the next few weeks, though, but posting may continue to be sort of sporadic. Summer is always a struggle, I guess.

And once again, it’s not for lack of reference material, that’s for sure. My reference folder is so out of control I could probably ignore the fashion sites for the rest of the year and never run out of material to work from.

I’d like to randomly point out, as a matter of process, that Niall’s awful shirt is the same color as Ifu’s dress from last week. This is because I mix all my own colors from a palette of alizarin crimson, indigo, and yellow ochre. Then I mix those and use Payne’s grey, sepia, and white to modulate the tones.

Aside from the crimson, technically these aren’t the colors you should mix with (bad color theory!), but I like them. It does make it hard for someone as lazy as I am to get a lot of particular shades. I still can’t make purple at all (which is why you never see purple here). I taught myself to paint with gouache that my dad got from some sign painter when I was a kid. Still have his tubes 20+ years later and the pigment is still good. So this is to say: all of my habits are bad and I probably work twice as hard as I should on this stuff.

One of my goals this summer is to make purple. Maybe add proper yellow to my palette. And proper blue as well. And maybe then the painting won’t be so hard. We shall see.

Next week: fashion from Tomé for the girls.

[click this link or the black & white plate  to download a printable .pdf]



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  • Julie Matthews

    My father & husband dress like this (except for the jacket…)!!

    One thing I miss about my shift to digital art is color mixing. I mean, I still paint in oils when I have the time, but as a regular thing, I don’t paint anymore. I took one painting class in college that completely changed the way I mix colors: I have one “cool” and one “warm” of yellow, blue, and red, as well as a warm & cool green. I struggle with greens. And a warm and cool brown. No black, no fancy colors. I try to keep it fairly simple in oils.

    As far as purple, my best purples are alizarin crimson with manganese blue. It’s bright but gets greyish when mixed with white. Alizarin & ultramarine are ok, too. I can relate to your purple challenges!

    • hahaha ~ no one ever said i had good taste. i couldn’t even begin to explain why shorts and pullover shirts weird me out.

      i think the idea of having a cool and warm palette is excellent! greens i seem to do okay with, but yeah, purple is the devil. i have a hard time seeing purple in the real world, so that adds to the complexity of creating it. i’ll have to try alizarin and ultramarine (i think i have some ultramarine around here somewhere) ~ ha!

  • RLC

    I pretty much agree that men’s summer clothing is sorta meh, but then I tend to feel that way about all contemporary men’s clothing. Why can’t we go back to the suits of the 18th century? I was be totally down with that. I love the tropical jacket, that might be my favorite piece on this plate.

    • right? bring back the velvet coats and silk cravats. maybe not so much the knee-pants though ~ hahaha