Catwalk Couture: McQueen [Plates 7 & 8]

Because I don’t have any Judy Tuesday in the wings, you get some midweek couture instead.

I really need to do something with Lonan’s hair. He looks like a lion. Also, I gotta say Niall’s shirt was a horror to draw, but now I love it. And the gold sneakers.  Niall’s clothes are ridiculous, but somehow they just work for him. I gave Lonan my own aesthetic, but I’m trying not to put him in so much black.

It continues to be a major temptation to just make all-black and white clothing. It doesn’t help that it’s what’s on the runway recently.

All of the Alexander McQueen stuff this week came from, which it only just occurred to me that I should archive regularly. It’s a commercial site, so the fashions comes and go. I’ve already lost images from the collection. But you can still get those gold sneakers for 30% off at $648. And the shirt? That will set you back $825.  Sorry, Lonan’s red beaded jacket and the other jacket (which was khaki), are sold out! 

[click each black & white plate below to download a printable .pdf]

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  • RLC

    I’m so glad you did some Alexander McQueen stuff. That’s one of my favorite design houses. The beaded jacket is really beautiful.

  • Julie Matthews

    I love that these are men’s clothes with some interest! I swear, most men’s clothing is a box-shaped shirt with box-shaped pants over boxy shoes in painfully neutral colors. This is awesome!

    • thanks! those are definitely the dangers of your average everyday men’s styles. i’m trying to avoid that trap if i can just keep Lonan out of the black black black. Niall is easy–he’ll wear anything ~ hahahahaha