Judy : Vol. 25, 1879 Plate 3

Vol25_03_thumbJudy Tuesday here with another plate from Volume 25, which ran from July to December in 1879.  These two particular outfits were featured in the month of August and include (as previously promised) a funny bird head hat. Given that it’s a bathing costume, it almost makes sense since it could be a tightly-fit cap that’s almost sort of aerodynamic for swimming. No?

The Holiday Time costume was something fun that was in the margins (not part of Chasemore’s actual “series”), but this volume was low on costumes I wanted to reproduce, so I teased this one out for inclusion.

I guess I should mention, in case it’s not obvious: I am picking and choosing which costumes I’m drawing out of many. In these early volumes there aren’t as many good choices so I’m only filling about 5 plates. In the 1880s there are a lot more to choose from as Chasemore got more fanciful with his designs.

In the meantime, enjoy this weird bird thing and the holiday costume with the jingle bells. To find all the plates in this series (and the dolls themselves) click on the Judy tag down below.

[Click this link or the image to download a printable .pdf of these costumes]

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  • RLC

    I want the bird based swimming costume. I don’t know where I would wear it, but darn it’s fun!

    • i’m not so sure about the costume, but the hat would be hilarious to wear on the street for no reason at all.

      : D

  • Julie Matthews

    I know the outfit on the right is the holiday outfit, but the hat looks like a sea creature and the outfit feels like it’s inspired by a steampunk submarine. Probably just me seeing this 🙂

    • hahaha ~ that hat is so weird. i just posted the orginal art so you can see what it looked like in the book. i think it looks like she’s got a rubber chicken tentacle thing on her head too. there you have it!

      : D

      • Julie Matthews

        Yes! Rubber chicken for the win! I love this series 🙂