Geneviéve: In Outer Space

I cheated a little with this one. The theme “outer space” goes hand-in-hand with the fact that I’m a big fan of that galaxy far, far away. Immediately I thought it would be cool to make Geneviéve into a Twi’lek.

Or you can skip the extra head and she can be a cool smuggler or Resistance fighter using one of her previous heads. I also added an astromech in an attempt to make her a little more “outer spacey” since technically she’s not wearing a flight suit or a helmet or other gear you would associate with actually being, you know, in space.  The astromech at least implies that she’s a pilot. It’s an R7 unit. Feel free to name it yourself.

I hope you’ll forgive this indulgence.

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This collaborative doll will be posted at the end of each month all throughout 2017 with a new theme each month.  To find all related posts on this blog, just click the “Geneviéve” tag.

[Click on this link or the picture to download a printable .pdf plate!]

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  • Julie Matthews

    LOVE! Can’t believe I didn’t see this coming…. I love that she has semi-practical wedge shoes at least. Very cool 🙂

    • i honestly can’t say for certainly whether i’ve seen “heels” in Star Wars, now that you say that.

  • MissMissy Smith

    Great idea! Glad someone did Star Wars! Wonderful job.

  • RLC

    Oh my gosh, the little astromech. I can not draw mechanical stuff, so I love that you took it on.

    • don’t look at my lines too closely ~ they’re all totally crooked! hahahaha : D