Mistress of Mayhem: Harley Quinn’s Closet Plate No. 5

Harley Quinn paper dollsThis week’s Monday Mayhem brings you more Harley Quinn! This plate features more outfits from her solo comic book including torn jeans, a crop-top, her more regular stocking boots, pajamas, and bunny slippers!

I really do like that this doll, thus far, has the most interchangeable options (and that will likely continue to be the case).

But not if I don’t get on the ball and get back to working on Harley & the Joker! I’ve fallen behind on this series, so this could be the last Monday Mayhem for a while! I can’t believe how quickly I ran out of buffer (what have I been doing for the last month? Oh: drawing Star Wars paper dolls). Well I promise I’ll try my best not to drop this series, but I confess I’m teetering on the edge of a great big hole at the moment ~ ha! Last night I did manage to draw and color two outfits, though, so I might make next week’s deadline yet.

As usual, you can find the doll by clicking on the Harley Quinn tag or in the menu at the right.

[Click on this link or the primary image in this post to download a printable .pdf of this plate]

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  • RLC

    These are so much fun! I love the jeans and boots.

    I think you just have to do what makes you content and not worry to much about what others think. I have been enjoying the Harley Quinn posts, but I know I will enjoy whatever you come up with next. It’s just nice to have you back in the paper doll blogging universe.

    • i’m so happy to be back! though i definitely need to cut back a little. got too many irons in the fire and posting every day of the week is definitely consuming.

      • RLC

        I think one of the most important concept is blogging is “what works for you”. I tend to get SO wrapped up in what the social media gurus say you “should” be doing (especially on social media) that I forget that really what matter is- What works for you!

        And then not trying to hold yourself to some fantasy standard that you have created. For me, having a big backlog and staggering my posts keeps me sane, but that isn’t going to be everyone’s preference.

        So, whatever you can maintain consistently is what is best for you. Like I recently started trying to use Instagram and I am rapidly discovering that I am A: Really bad at it and B: I can’t seem to find a way to make it part of my routine. I’m starting to wonder if it is a good fit for me as a person and, I hope eventually, as a business.

        • i try to ignore what the rest of the world is doing, but i definitely have a problem of biting off more than i can chew. it’s always going to be a struggle of the ebb and flow of manic productivity. sometimes i’m just on fire and doing 100 things at once and then suddenly i need a break ~ hahaha.

          consistency is my kryptonite, apparently. but that’s okay since i recognize it. but it’s good to have a reminder now and then not to fight one’s own nature in those battlelands where you know you won’t win.

  • Julie Matthews

    The ability to mix & match these sets really make this series great! I know almost nothing about Harley, but I love seeing her wardrobe anyway.

    And posting every day?! Please! I’m lucky if I get one post a week up 🙂

    • hahaha ~ and quality over quantity anyway, right? cutting back would be good for my output in that way for sure.

      i’m glad this series is fun for you! i do enjoy working on it!