Geneviéve: Sekhmet

I’m struggling with an update that blows chunks and backend problems the likes of which make me sigh, but I’m posting this last Geneviéve anyway.

The theme was mythological creatures, so here she is as the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. I was going to draw her sun-disk “crown”, but when I logged in, I found all these black beans in my soup and so didn’t have time to make that final piece. But at least she has a scepter!

Had a lot of interesting things to say about Sekhmet and why I chose her, but am too irritated to bother at the moment. Download and enjoy while I determine whether this blog might need to be nuked.

I hope if I give it a break for a few days I can come back to this more rationally and maybe solve the backend problem and save its sad little life. For the moment I haven’t lost any of the content, so at least that’s a positive thing, right?

Find more theme outfits to match this doll at the following fabulous blogs:

[Click on this link or the picture to download a printable .pdf plate!]

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  • Julie Matthews

    Website problems seem to be a common theme. I know there are problems over at Paper Thin Personas, too. Also, please don’t nuke the blog. Maybe this iteration, if necessary, but in general, please keep sharing your drawings in some capacity 🙂

    Oh yeah, this paper doll is AWESOME! I absolutely love this. I honestly thought we’d all have angels and mermaids and such. This has to be one of my favorite projects ever!!

    • thanks Julie!

      the latest update wrecked my workflows and i caught some kind of insidious thing in my content manager. so I spent all evening yesterday just restoring my administrative privileges and it’s still a mess behind-the-scenes. i did some things with the setup for this blog that also aren’t helping the situation. the short end of it is that i have preserved what i have, but i don’t feel confident moving forward in this particular installation. it’s so discouraging, so i appreciate your words so much!

      i am absolutely loving this project too. it forces me to work on something even in crisis and everyone comes up with such fun and different ways to respond to the prompt! : D

  • RLC

    If you are wiling to hire someone, I had a really nasty malware infection on my site a few years ago. And I ended up hiring Sucuri to fix it. I don’t know if they could fix your problem, but they were excellent.

    And please don’t nuke the blog. We’d miss you!

    I am hoping for a speedy blog recovery for you. I know how frustrating it can be.

    • thanks for the reco Rachel! after many hours and some sweating (and swearing), i think i have it under control ~ though i think i will need to investigate some options. my current system should not have been vulnerable (and again, i didn’t lose content, just the admin side of things got all foofed up).

      the backup problem was likely my own error (i think my settings were wrong), and the update nonsense was not in my control (blargh). we’re going to limp along through the rest of the summer and see how things are.

      so the blog has a heartbeat ~ it’s alive!!! : D

      • RLC

        So glad to hear that! I remember when I had my malwear infection on my blog a 2 years ago. It was so awful. I felt so powerless. Ever since then, I have been okay paying someone to help me fix it.

        I am happy to hear that it is okay.

  • MissMissy Smith

    I love reading your blog! I’ve seen so many blogs disappear or give up, please continue and know we all appreciate your hard work and support your art! Love the design, never thought of gods really!

    • thank you Missy! things feel like they have stabilized; hopefully i can carry on! : D