Catwalk Couture: Tome [Plate 16]

This week some toned-down styles from New York designer Tome. I never quite know how these plates will come out.  Sometimes the clothes look fabulous in the pictures but not quite as exciting as paper doll pieces. I did two plates of Tome and I think they both look flat. But I’m sharing them anyway!

And yes, I cheated a little because Xia’s hosiery and shoes are actually on the next plate even though I included them in the colored example here. I also would like to point out that these stockings ended up being thigh-highs instead of full panyhose/tights because they wouldn’t have fit on the plates otherwise. They can still be used to mix and match with other dresses and skirts, though. I don’t think I have drawn anything yet that is so short as to not cover the tops.

These are the colors of the original dresses.  You can probably come up with schemes to make these a lot brighter. Again, color and I have our good days and our bay days. I do the best I can with what I have.

This is the end of my buffer on this set, so I might be scrambling in the coming week. I just haven’t had sufficient focus to draw and that’s put me very sadly behind. It’s frustrating, but you can only do so much with the time and energy you have.

Still, I cleared off my desk this weekend and hopefully that’s a first step toward getting organized and being able to narrow down my concentration.

I’m also looking to buy a new computer this summer and doing that conversion is always incredibly painful for me. I’m going to try very hard not to drop off the face of the earth, but there’s a good chance the posting will get even more sporadic. I don’t want to drop the blog, so I might just change gears a little while I make transitions.

In the meantime, I do have some Star Wars plates to post, and I will push myself to pull a plate together for the guys. I have absolutely zip at the moment. And since I haven’t been painting my Klondike dolls like I hoped to be doing, maybe I can get Judy back on the docket. She’s always easy because she’s so low-pressure. Some days I wish I was just doing everything with a black pen and nothing else!

Lots of fire, too many irons.

Pretty much the story of my life.

[click this link or the black & white plate  to download a printable .pdf]

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  • Julie Matthews

    The middle dress is my favorite — love it! I like the thigh high option. I’ve been trying to think of ways to fit more on my Josephine plates and this is an idea I just might steal 🙂

    Organizing is such a problem for me that I am enlisting help from my husband who is currently finishing up a Master’s in Project Management. We’re exploring kanban & scrum organizing techniques. I might even write about it!!

    Migrating computers is no fun at all. If you’re looking for a computer, take a look at touch screens. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my Surface. I had some problems early on, but it’s been running great for well over a year now. Being able to draw directly on screen with a stylus has been just amazing & I highly recommend it!

    • i like a nice full plate too ~ ha!

      i have been considering getting a new wacom touch but it’s a huge investment. given my love/hate relationship with digital media, it’s been hard trying to figure out what i want. : o p

  • RLC

    Oh, I love the middle dress so much. I totally get the whole feeling like you don’t really want to draw. It has taken me two weeks to get anything drawn and I just got stuff scanned tonight. It’s hard to keep going sometimes.

    Good luck on your computer hunt. I love my Mac, but I know they aren’t for everyone. I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

    • i’m blaming it all on the change of seasons. ; D

      i have a a Mac too! have been using Macs since 1984. doesn’t make the transition any better though ~ hahaha. porting is porting is boring.