Geneviéve: 1880s

This month’s theme is about our favorite era. Mine was always going to be the 19th century and the 1880s is my favorite decade of that century. This was an easy pick for me!

I have always loved the hourglass silhouette of this era: the long sleeves, the high collars, and the embroidery, patterned fabrics, and other detailing on clothes of this period. I am less fond of the bustles. These varied widely through the 80s from enormous to almost non-existent heading into the 90s. Also love all the accessories of this era: the buttons, jewelry, gloves, shoes (oh my God, the shoes!), and other frippery.

For Geneviéve I kept things relatively simple. I imagined the bodice here might be a solid dark velvet perhaps, but I left it blank for you to decorate as you like. The two pieces will layer for an afternoon and evening look (which was common then).

Find more theme outfits to match this doll at the following fabulous blogs:

[Click on this link or the picture to download a printable .pdf]


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  • Julie Matthews

    love this! Especially that they will layer!

    • thanks! i love how you made that design choice in your 19th century gowns book. it’s spot-on! : D

  • RLC

    Somehow, I knew you’d end up in the 19th century. I love both these gowns and it is amazing that they will layer properly. If I had to pick a 19th century decade either the 1870s or 1880s would win for me, too. Though I also love the Regency and… Well, I’m not good at making decisions.

    • ha! ~ sometimes the choices are hard, sometimes they are easy. this one just happened to be easy for me. some of our other themes have been much harder! : D