Mistress of Mayhem: Harley Quinn’s Closet Plate No. 4

Harley Quinn paper dollIt’s Monday mayhem even in the face of President’s Day (or maybe that makes it even more appropriate?).

Today we have several outfits from Harley Quinn issue no. 9 (2014) in which Harley is abducted after a burlesque act involving a slinky space alien costume. The sparkly bodysuit was worn under the big-belted dress.

This makes total sense in the comic.

Anyway, she ends up in the lair of an obsessed fan from whom she borrows the less revealing attire of a turtleneck and black skirt, puts her hair up, and play psychiatrist to convince him to let her go (all while they eat pizza, so I really should have included some pizza accessories–gotta keep working on that aspect).

Even though there’s still a lot of red and black here at least it’s different, right?

You can find the doll by clicking on the Harley Quinn tag or in the menu at the right.

[Click on this link or the primary image in this post to download a printable .pdf of this plate]

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  • Julie Matthews

    I’m fine with all of the red & black. Those are her signature colors, after all. This might sound boring, but the sweater & skirt are my favorites here. I want her to wear it with those boots — I love those boots!! Not that I don’t like the burlesque set — it’s pretty great, too.

    • hahaha ~ sometimes the everyday clothes are my favorite too! if for no other reason than seeing comic book heroes and villains in something other than their standard garb is a nice break from the spangles.