Judy : Vol. 31, 1882 Plate 7

Today’s Judy Tuesday theme is…skinny skirts that can fit facing one another on the page with room to spare?  Also, big ridiculous hats.

This is officially the most number of plates I have made for a Judy volume. Usually I only make 6 at most. This set will have eight. And there were still two plates worth of costumes that I just decided not to render. We’ll see how future volumes yield.

One final Judy post next week and then there might be a break in Judy for a spell since I haven’t even started on Volume 32. Peeking ahead it looks like the costumes in the next volume are a little less fanciful overall–but lovely all the same.

Don’t know if that means I’ll drag my heels with the drawing–or maybe I will get really ambitious and plow right on through to the next one in a mad rush.

It’s always a roulette spin here for me. Either way, you know I’ll always come back to Judy eventually.

[click this link or the image to download a printable .pdf of these costumes]

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  • RLC

    I love the huge hat. That’s so fun. Completely appropriate for Guy Fawkes Day. 🙂

    • indeed it is! cutting out those feathers, though ~ hahahaha : o p

  • Julie Matthews

    The one on the left feels a bit Pilgrim-ish to me. At least, the sleeves and collar do. And the one of the right definitely evokes colonial India with the militaristic trim. Or maybe it’s just me!

    • i was thinking Renaissance scholar, but pilgrim works too! hahahaha
      and i’m sure the colonial India aesthetic is deliberate.