Catwalk Couture: 2017 Oscars [Plates 3 & 4]

My fashion paper dolls are so unfashionable!  They’re not wearing 2017 couture to the Oscars. I’m going to blame it on the fact that this is their first time going and none of them knew any better. Well, Niall should have, but he’s kind of prone to break the rules.

So Ifu is wearing a two year-old Chanel gown–but c’mon, it’s not like Chanel goes out of style! And Xia is wearing last year’s Valentino-esque fashion. The wrap and bolero for the women are completely my own designs. I needed something to fill out the plate and clutch purses seemed too chintzy.

For the men, I separated the Tom Ford tuxedo jackets from the pants because it’s easier to pair the slacks and tuxedo shirt with multiple jackets. And yes, there’s that tiger-striped jacket of Niall’s that I mentioned on the salvage post. But rather than repeatedly draw more tuxedo slacks, it seemed the sensible thing to do here. I mean, I probably will draw more tuxedos, but the slacks are really only differentiated by colors–the style is typically very similar. Especially if they are black.

I should also say that the reason Xia’s dress is described as “Valentino-inspired” is because I drew it before I was being methodical about my choices and the reference picture I used said it was Valentino, but then I couldn’t actually confirm that anywhere, so I have no idea.

I’m being much more careful going forward! Rather than doing random Google searches, I’m using a variety of fashion-specific sources for reference, particularly:

Vogue Fashion Shows: comprehensive runway site! couture outlet!

I made a conscious decision to fill in as little of the blacks on these line art plates. First, because it’s a drag on your printers, but also because you can color stuff however you want. The lapels and cuffs on Lonan’s Tom Ford tux jacket are black, but maybe you want them to be neon orange. Have at it!

I’m still working out the best way to plate these dolls, so prepare for a few bumps along the way. I’m trying to avoid leaving the plates too empty or too crowded, but it’s hard to find a middle ground. For the women it’s not too bad, but the difference in physique on the men makes plating their clothes an interesting challenge.

I decided to throw everything into this post since it’s the kick-off and I might as well make it sorta special. I also just haven’t figured out the best way to post these plates. Sometimes the colors look kind of flat to me when you can’t see what they look like on the dolls. I’m not sure why I have this impression.

To find all plates related to a character or designer, use the tags!

[click on each picture to download a printable .pdf]

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  • Julie Matthews

    These are really beautiful. I especially love the preview image with everyone together.

    Is it wrong that I think jacket on the bottom looks like a topographical map (in a super good way)? I want to color it in tans & greens!

    • thanks! this will get easier/better as it goes. i’m still poking around trying to figure it all out ~ ha!

      and yes, that jacket! hahaha ~ totally not what it was supposed to look like, but i like the way it came out anyway. i should have tried harder with the painted version which should have looked more like an oil slick, but i was rushing too much : D

      • Julie Matthews

        I like that jacket & I see the moire/shiny effect you were going for. I’ve been thinking about unconventional patterns & materials lately and that’s probably why it looked topographical.

        • looking at all this fashion stuff, you really see a lot of fun fabrics and patterns. i confess i’ve been chicken about a lot of it. i think: oh that’s so cool ~ but i could never draw it properly! i have challenged myself a little, but not a lot ~ hahahaha

  • RLC

    I think all of us see things and think, “Oh, that’s so cool, but I couldn’t draw it.” I love the gowns and the tuxedos. Wonderful work, as always.

    • thank you! i’ve learned a lot about approximating things from other paper doll artists (in particular Tierney, who just makes it all look so effortless). i’ll just continue to study that! : D

  • Travis Moore

    Your Lonan and Niall black and white doll clothes (plate No.4) PDF file is not available. I have tried many times to download it with no success. The error message says ‘Not available on this server’.

    • ah! thank you for pointing that out! i have fixed the coded glitch! apologies! : D

      • Travis Moore

        Well, I have just downloaded plate four successfully. It is not easy to find good quality men’s fashion coloring pages. Keep up the good work!

        • thank you! plenty more to come ~ just posted two more today! : D