Catwalk Couture: Balmain [Plate 17]

I didn’t leave myself enough time to paint this week’s plate, so I slapped some color on this in Photoshop. Will have to go back and replace it when I have a chance. Just didn’t want to miss an update since I managed to draw this at the last minute. Miracles do happen!

This is probably the first of many Balmain plates. This is a designer I absolutely love. A lot of it borders on costume rather than practical everyday wear, but somehow it manages to pull off a lot of glam and still look sophisticated in some way. Balmain does a lot of stuff in black that I adore, but also has some startling bright colors in the mix now and then.

I decided Niall would definitely be on the “bright colors” end of the spectrum. I tried not to pick all black stuff for Lonan, but yes, here’s another pair of black pants. Of course, with the uncolored plates, you can make them whatever you want: denim, fuchsia, marmalade–just go for it!

The pattern on Niall’s jacket is definitely an approximation. I started out trying to be faithful, but when the shapes get that small, I tend to give in to my laziness. That jacket is actually beaded, which is insanely impressive when you see it up close. It probably weighs a ton.

I gave them both sandals for this plate (so they are kind of Spring/Summer still). The next plate for them will have more cool jackets and boots instead.

Totally love the fussy details on all of Balmain’s stuff, though it is painstaking to draw–even when I’m fudging it. I probably can’t do many of these items justice, but they are fun to try render.

At this point in my life I don’t know why I am still so surprised how easy it is to fall out of the habit of drawing regularly. And how once you do, it’s all that much harder to get back into it. I’m going to try to get back on a schedule of making sure to always incorporate it into my week.

Lastly, a big Happy Mother’s Day to all you fine mothers out there!

Next week: more from Tome for the women.

[click this link or the black & white plate  to download a printable .pdf]

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  • RLC

    I find I’m the same way. I ignore the drawing side for a few weeks and then I look around. Then I realize that I’m one week away from being out of Sprites content and suddenly things feel much more pressing. It is entirely possible that I had this realization yesterday. Meanwhile, I love these pieces. Both those coats are amazing.

    • thanks! men should just be required to wear Balmain jackets ~ hahaha

      it’s so easy to get lulled into a sense of security when you have a big buffer. so much so that when it runs out you’re like: hey! how did that happen! : D

      • RLC

        Yes. Yes indeed. That is pretty much my life.

  • Julie Matthews

    Confession: I work with no buffer. I’m not necessarily proud of it. It’s just a fact. Need to get better organized.

    Those jackets are crazy detailed! Also, these look right out of Star Trek: TNG to me!

    • i’m pretty bad about buffers too; i was frankly surprised i ended up with one here to begin with ~ hahaha

      and ha! i totally see the Star Trek connection!

  • Travis Moore

    There is no pdf link for plate 17. It is simply a repeat of plate 16. Were you planning to upload plate 17 next week?

    • yikes! that was super-weird ~ but i’ve fixed both the link on the picture and the .pdf download. thank you for letting me know! : D