In Which I Arbitrarily Change My Mind

colorIt occurs to me, after spending some time plating costumes and whatnot, that straight-up black and white can all just start to run together after a while. I mean, I love me some b&w, but the blog is going to look a little pale without a splash from the rainbow now and then.

So I think I’m going to have to commit to coloring a set here and there. Yeah, it adds time and a layer of complexity, but I think I can do this smart. I’ll avoid the paints because I get into trouble with that, and instead use colored pencils or markers. I suck at computer coloring and can only do really basic flats that look, well, flat, so I won’t be going that direction (except maybe a touch-up here or there). And I still want to provide the line work so that coloring sheets can be an option, so I’ll ink the figures and clothes, which is not something I’ve done with my colored work in the past.

I did some experimenting, and I think this can work. It’s easiest to color things that come with a scheme already in place. When I have to figure out color for myself it’s a lot harder as I struggle with tones and complements. I have a color wheel and have tried to work with it, but my perception is poor and has resisted training.

Some dolls, like Judy, will remain in black and white.