In Which an Old Dog Fails to Learn New Tricks

empire_coloringMy initial coloring test went well, but secondary efforts with colored pencils and markers both imploded. While it’s possible that I might figure out how to make it work, expediency is more important to me, so I guess I’m going back to paint because it’s the medium with which I am most comfortable–even though it’s time-consuming.

Not sure what impact this will have on my ability to post things quickly, but since I still would like to make linework available for coloring, I might go ahead and double up on posts so that you get the uncolored versions as preview, which will buy me more time to paint. I don’t know. I do like to post things as I finish. Having too much of a backlog tends to make me lazy.

On the plus side, I think they’re going to look great. I spent all day coloring yesterday and hated everything I did. The minute I switched over to paints this morning, all was right with the world again (funny, that).

I’ll probably post Cookie at the end of the month. I want to finish posting The Walking Dead pieces that I have first since they don’t need any coloring.

Tomorrow: Something completely different.