Mistress of Mayhem: Harley Quinn’s Closet Plate No. 3

Harley Quinn paper dollThis Monday’s Mayhem brings you a new plate of very teeny-tiny outfits for Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn has been overtly sexualized since her inception, but the artists who draw her in her solo series (typically Chad Hardin and John Timms on interiors, and Amanda Conner on covers) know how to make her sexy without being ridiculous. Yeah, she sometimes wanders around scantily-clad, but it’s never truly gratuitous and many opportunities to make it so are avoided. So, if she moonbathes on her rooftop in her purple bikini, it’s because she’s crazy like that and not because it’s an opportunity to put her in compromising positions to delight 13 year-old boys.

I actually bet the majority of Harley Quinn’s readership is, in fact, female, and the type who don’t put up with that sort of thing. Which is my long-winded way of saying yes, this week’s offerings include some very teeny-tiny outfits, but what’s to come is more along the lines of the pirate ensemble from Issue No. 3 (2014)–complete with buckle shoes and epaulets.

My favorite thing on this plate is her flip-flops. Was loathe to draw them, but pushed myself–and in doing so decided to make her footwear mix-match. Yay!

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[Click on this link or the primary image in this post to download a printable .pdf of this plate]

Also: it’s officially Force February, so expect to see all-new Star Wars plates to begin posting on Wednesday.  Guess that means I’d better go finish them!