Empire Paper Dolls: Cookie Lyon’s Closet [Plate 4]

empire_04_cookie_thumbWe finally come to the last of the Cookie plates, just as it was about to get interesting. This is also my last plate to post for the year. Unless I can actually get something for Christmas done in the next day or so (I’m trying!).

The red and the blue dresses on the right side I did back in the fall of last year. I think I hated both of them at the time (and it probably contributed to me putting this aside). The prints were so fussy and despite good references I don’t think either came out well.

The red/black dress and the blouse and the shoes on the left side I painted recently just to finish out a full plate to post. I have to say, I love how the shoes and the blouse came out–and these were the things that really convinced me to tackle the catwalk dolls. The blouse should have given me the horrors, but I dove right in and it’s not a bad approximation of the original garment (as complicated as that pattern was). It’s not perfect, but has the right effect. It also was actually worn with the black leather pants from Plate 3. I was happy to squeeze in at least one mix-and-match.

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[Click this link or the picture to download a printable .pdf for this doll]