Clown Prince of Crime: The Joker’s Closet Plate No. 3

Joker_03_thumbMonday Mayhem continues with a new plate for Mistah J.  I’m pretty sue I’ve mentioned in the past that the 1940s were kind weird. Comic books with pretty silly and the wackier they were the better. Batman was especially infused with some bizarre concepts. It was an “anything-goes” era as editors tried to capture the zeitgeist (this got even worse in the 50s when science fiction was in vogue).

These two costumes are typical of Joker’s fare in the early days. He was always assuming crazy disguises and popping up in unexpected places. It became pretty much a schtick for Batman to be pursuing some criminal only for the baddie to be revealed at the Joker.

The artist gag actually made it into the Batman movie from 1989, though Jack Nicholson didn’t have a palette full of little guns, so it wasn’t nearly as cool ~ ha! And for heaven’s sake, put the smock over some other piece of clothing ~ we don’t want the Joker to catch a chill!

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