Star Wars Paper Dolls: Luke Skywalker No. 4

Star Wars paper dolls Luke SkywalkerIt’s our final week of Force February (though the plates will continue in into March in some fashion), and we’ve run out of Han Solo, so this week you’ll get a double-dose of Luke Skywalker.

In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke goes through his “grey” phase. Visually the idea was to show Luke’s Dark side inclination by having him dress from light to dark (by Return of the Jedi he’s in full black).

More on that later, but for the moment, here are his two main costumes from the second film and you can see how the Hoth clothes begin the transition from the white/sand colors of Tatooine into a decidedly more grey area.

The second outfit is Luke’s training clothes from Dagobah, over which he wears a matching jacket later on Bespin (which is on the next plate–unfortunately it was too much to squeeze in with these two other outfits, otherwise we would have had a nice clean break between films).

The clothes that Luke and Leia wore in the medbay at the end of The Empire Strikes Back are two costumes I just skipped over because Leia’s basically looks like her first dress and Luke’s is just a hospital robe.

Star Wars paper dolls Luke SkywalkerMaybe grey is about as boring as white, but I tried to keep the colors relatively warm (I always thought the Dagobah/Bespin suit was more taupe than grey anyway, but there’s me and my inability to see color again ~ ha!).

As previously mentioned, we’ll get a double dose of Luke this week.  As far as completed plates, I still have one more of Luke after tomorrow and one more for Leia. We’ll see where we go from there. I might pick up with The Force Awakens stuff, but to be honest, beyond finally managing to draw Adam Driver’s face, I haven’t done any of the costumes for those characters!

Also thinking about how I made this blog to talk about other pop culture stuff and haven’t really been doing that in favor of making paper dolls. Which is great, it’s just not the entire reason I started this blog. I don’t know. We’ll see what surfaces in the next few weeks.

[Click on each image to download a printable .pdf copy of each plate]

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