Winter Solstice Beast & Beauty Paper Dolls

beast_beauty_thumb_01 beast_beauty_thumb_02

I never think about doing a Christmas-themed set of plates until it’s too late to actually be planful about it. I need to start in January and then maybe I can actually be ready by the time December rolls around. Even starting late, I thought: oh, no problem!  I’ll do a 12 Days of Christmas thing so that the posting doesn’t have to start until December 25th. So I started mapping out this idea of doing a Beauty & the Beast theme and each day would be a new costume and a new set of gifts, but last week I realized I would never be able to draw, color, and plate them in time–not with all the holiday ruckus going on.

As a consolation, here’s what I started. Decided at the last minute to leave it as a “cut and color” set since that might be more fun with only a single plate. I did color the figures, though (I didn’t scan them before I made the decision). I like Beast. Not so sure about Beauty. She’s okay, I guess. I really didn’t mean to make her blonde, but…oh well. Maybe if I revisit my 12 Days of Christmas idea, I’ll revamp her. I’d like to revisit this.

Beauty & the Beast is my favorite fairy tale, but I’ve never liked that Beast turned into a “handsome prince” at the end of it. He is a handsome prince–just the way he is. And yes, in my mind, I always imagined him more wildebeest-warthoggy than cat or bearlike. With hooves instead of claws. Beastly for his manners more than anything else. In an early version that I read, one of Beauty’s first kindnesses is to feed him at the dinner table. He can’t hold a spoon and is ashamed of sticking his face in the bowl. That always stayed with me.

So be kind this season–especially with all the grumpy frustrated people you meet in the stores and on the streets: they need it the most.

This is my last set of plates for 2016.  Looking forward to lots of new stuff in the coming year! I’m going to make 2017 great and I hope you will too.  I wish you all the happiest of holidays, with much peace and joy and inspiration!

[Click here to download a .pdf of this two-page set]