Geneviéve: At the Oscars

Sunday is Oscars night! What better excuse to dress to the nines? In addition to a formal red carpet gown, Geneviéve has a flirty after-party dress (she’ll have to borrow some shoes, though: oops!). If I was smarter, I would have made it so that you could layer the dresses. But that didn’t occur to me until too late. Yes, I was too lazy to fix it. Or squeeze in shoes.

These dresses and wrap are based on this look from Blumarine.

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This collaborative doll will be posted at the end of each month all throughout 2017 with a new theme each month.  To find all related posts on this blog, just click the “Geneviéve” tag.

[Click on this link or the picture to download a printable .pdf plate!]