Collaboration 2019: Trends of the New Year

I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I last updated this blog. Life gets busy, doesn’t it?

But thanks to the good folks of the paper doll community I am back to posting for the 2019 Collaborative! You can find all the other great participants at the following sites:

The theme for January was “Trends for 2019”. I wouldn’t know a trend if I sat on it. Fortunately Google is our mutual friend. So I picked something from Prada’s Resort collection, which you can see here. Yes, I cheated on the blouse. The designs aren’t that distinctive to my eye, but I loved the color, her hair, and makeup.

You can draw your own tabs, and attach her head by either gluing it so that the hair remains free, or you can attach it non-permanently in order to swap out future heads with different hairstyles.

Click here or on the thumbnail to download a pdf!