The Walking Dead Paper Dolls: Rick Grimes’ Closet

twd05_rick_thumbI’m pretty sure Rick’s been wearing the same dirty t-shirt for all of Season Six of The Walking Dead (pretty typical of this series: people don’t change their clothes much given the whole apocalypse thing).

Nevertheless, each season it seems Rick finds a new jacket, at least. So here are a variety of them from Seasons 1-5.  If you know the show, hopefully you recognize the pieces. Yeah, I’m being super-lazy about these plates in terms of identifying and describing because, again, I made these dolls off-handedly for fans (of which I am not).

I pinky-swear to take more care with the sets I’m now working on. Apologies to Walking Dead fans out there.

That’s all I’ve got for Rick. Each of these characters has just one plate of costumes. The apocalypse is a real bear on fashion. If you like, you can print multiple sheets and color them differently to pretend Rick has a whole closet of variations (or maybe draw your own ~ and share!).

[Click this link or the image to download a printable .pdf of these costumes]

You can find the plate with Rick by clicking on his tag below, or click The Walking Dead category link to see all of the plates in this series.

The Walking Dead Paper Dolls: Rick Grimes

twd01_rick_thumbI almost feel like this one’s a cheat: Rick Grimes and his sheriff’s uniform. But it kind of had to be done, I guess. I also feel like I have to reiterate that I am making The Walking Dead dolls to amuse fan friends, which has been really interesting for me–typically I only ever make dolls for myself and so I feel passionate about the subjects. A very strong ambivalence can be passion, I suppose. Let’s just say the challenge has been good, but definitely a challenge.

At any rate, I hope the results please you. One of the nice things about these being black and white is that you get to dirty Rick up to your heart’s content: go ahead: splatter some blood on him, make him good and filthy. Also, be sure to draw lots of bruises and band-aids on his face if you feel so inclined.

I’ll tell you what, though: it took me about seven stabs to get that face to look anything like Andrew Lincoln. To be honest, I think it’s passable, but I really just gave in to “close enough for government work”. I can occasionally capture an actor’s likeness, but it’s definitely not one of my strong suits and something I am really working on. I don’t want to be a perfectionist too much about it, though, or else I’ll never get anything done. I struggled similarly with Daryl and Michonne. Everything is a learning process.

I’m also aware that the pose is a little weird. I had in mind a reason for putting him like this (so that he could shoulder a rifle and hold a pistol), but I admit it looks funny. The crooked way he’s holding that pistol is intentional, however: the character can’t seem to hold his gun straight in the series ~ which is the subject of many very silly memes. Again, at some point I just had to stop fussing with it and cut bait if you know what I mean.

[Click here or on the image to download a printable .pdf]