Star Wars Paper Dolls: Leia Organa No. 3

Star Wars paper dolls Leia OrganaWe round our week out with Leia (last, but never least!). And okay, so there was a wee little bit of white left, but mostly we’re in the color-zone now.

Leia’s Bespin “gown” was kind of a horror to draw. That pattern looks serviceable at a distance, but up close it’s quite a mess ~ ha!  I had also planned to fade it out a bit in PhotoShop, but all attempts failed (translate: I made one attempt, it looked bad, and then I just got lazy about it). The best thing about this outfit is her hairstyle that goes with it (one of my favorites).

So instead, I direct your attention to Leia’s cool Hoth vest and boots! The Hoth toys wee seriously my favorite as a kid. If the whole saga had stayed on Hoth you would have heard no complaints from me. These two pieces go with the white Bespin outfit from Leia’s previous plate. Unfortunately, with such a limited wardrobe, there are no mix-and-match options.

Leia does have her own comic book, so I have considered pulling some outfits out that, but I think she mostly wears the same thing (like a superhero–and of course it’s white), so we’ll see how things go. I was very glad they didn’t put her in white in The Force Awakens.

Star Wars paper dolls Leia Organa

People tend to think of The Empire Stikes Back as the “one with the mush in it” because Han and Leia share their fist kiss (awww ~ that kind of makes me sad). It’s also the first time we see Leia with her hair somewhat down (literally and figuratively).

Like Luke, I still have three more plates for Leia, but as I’m looking at them I’m seeing a bit of a problem with the layout for the last one, which I somehow managed to overlook. I tried to be very planful about this whole series so that I wouldn’t be scrounging, but of course I’m scrounging.

It’s apparently my natural habitat.

Hopefully I have enough time to sort it out before next week. With no more Han Solo plates, we’ll be doubling up on either Luke or Leia. I haven’t decided which.

[Click on each image to download a printable .pdf copy of each plate]

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