The Walking Dead Paper Dolls: Daryl Dixon’s Closet

twd06_daryl_thumbI’ve still got two more plates of the Walking Dead stuff after this, which, even though I only drew them last month they already feel “old”. It’s the problem with letting stuff sit around. By the time I get to posting, I want something new and shiny. But that’s okay. We’ll be done with these by the end of the year and there’s plenty of new and shiny to come.

I don’t think Daryl ever bathes, so I was surprised to find variations on his costumes at all, but early on in the series he hadn’t established his look, so there were articles of clothing other than his signature leather vest. Once again, I struggled with the weapons for this (except the axe; I enjoyed that). Also had a hard time squeezing all these on the page, so it’s a little awkward.

Had a moment late last night thinking, gee, I’m doing such a better job on the Fear the Walking Dead characters I feel kind of guilty for short-shrifting these. And then I got into a spin about whether I should redo them all. And then I got over it. Because life is short.

[Click this link or the image to download a printable .pdf of these costumes]

You can find the plate with Daryl by clicking on his tag below, or click The Walking Dead category link to see all of the plates in this series.