Judy : Vol. 27, 1880 Plate 3


Judy goes fishing in this week’s plate from Vol. 27, and wears a fish on her head. Also, believe it or not, I had to tone down the hat for the Guy Costume because the one in the journal was ridiculously huge with feathers that stretched across the page. I knew I would never be able to fit that on a plate, so I scaled it back a bit.

We’re in the early volumes of when these thematic costumes were just starting to become a “thing”. I tend to skip the more moderate ones, but soon the costume feature really takes off and things get occasionally super-wacky. So consider the fish a preview of weird stuff to come in future volumes. Not this one, alas. It’s going to go out on a nice, almost reasonable note.

We’ve got two more plates for Vol. 27, and then we’re going to go backwards for a wee bit so I can do some catch-up with Vol. 25. These Judy plates are so easy to make, I really have no excuse whatsoever not to have one every Tuesday from now until the volumes run out (and that will be a good long while!).

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