Geneviéve: Cihuateteo

I wanted to do something off the beaten path for this month’s vampire theme, so I dug deep and found vampiric creatures from the ancient Aztecs: Cihuateteo. Cihuateotl is truly a gruesome figure (as many Aztec deities are). She represents the spirit of women who die in childbirth (hence the crown of baby skulls and the one around her neck). She preys on women and children, stealing babies and causing their mothers to go mad. Basically not a pleasant creature nor one you would want to invite to tea.

I based my costume here on a bit of statuary (which I included for reference) with some embellishments and liberties. Instead of the typical Aztec stylized skulls, I made them a bit more naturalistic.

Find more theme outfits to match this doll at the following fabulous blogs:

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Fear the Walking Dead: Zombies [Part 3]

ftwd_03_paint_thumbMy original goal with the Fear the Walking Dead zombies/infected was to build a whole army of these scary things over the course of the show. I was specifically choosing the ones who had names. There were plenty of other crawlies in Season One, but they were all nameless munchers. I wanted to try to keep the monsters more personalized.

I was fairly slavish about detail on this series. There was plenty of reference to work from. I had to improvise some (like Kimberly’s shoes–we never see her feet). Otherwise, I tried to make things pretty accurate.

Season Two concluded a couple of weeks ago. Given that I didn’t finish Season One, it’s not likely I will pursue this. The show is okay–it has its moments, but it’s lost its new car smell in terms of making paper dolls. I may yet finish some of the dolls. Liza and Nick are done; Travis, Madison, Ofelia, and Daniel are kinda half-done.  The rest I drafted, but never painted (Chris, Alicia, and Strand). It’s doubtful I will go back to those.

So last/not least: meet Susan and Kimberly. emoji_scared
And have a Happy Halloween!

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Fear the Walking Dead: Zombies [Part 2]

ftwd_02_paint_thumbMore not-zombies, as promised, from Season One of Fear the Walking Dead.

Dredging these up has reminded me how labor-intensive they were. For this series and Empire I was doing all watercolor work. Which I absolutely love, don’t get me wrong. But it is intensive. Something made with markers (especially something like Judy) can travel easy, it’s not messy, etc. But with paint you need a fairly fixed workspace, you need water, you need a bigger variety of tools, etc.

With these I at least did blackline inks. I intended to do “color your own” plates for the series, but it literally doubles the work. And after feeling the burn from the Star Wars dolls, I decided I’m much too lazy for that. But I already made the uncolored plates for the “infected”, so I might share them Halloween day.

The guy on the right is my favorite. He’s also the goriest, so you’ve now seen the worst. Tomorrow’s zombies infected are much tamer, I promise.

Today: meet Artie and Peter.

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Fear the Walking Dead: Zombies [Part 1]

ftwd_01_paint_thumbLast fall, I worked on a whole series of paper dolls for the AMC spin-off Fear the Walking Dead. I did a lot of work, but I didn’t finish.  It wouldn’t take much to complete the dolls I’ve actually drafted, so I might: just to make sure I don’t drop stuff like this regularly (it’s a very bad habit). I wouldn’t want zombies to come eat my brains for not following through.

So for Halloween over the next three days I thought I would post the Season One zombies. Oh, I forgot, we’re not supposed to call them “zombies”, they’re “infected”. Whatever. I made six infected characters (all the ones we have names for in the series). They aren’t really paper dolls so much as cut-outs since they don’t have outfits or accessories. But they are great companion pieces and I had waaaaay too much fun making them.

I like ghoulish things, but totally understand if this is too much for you, gentle readers. You might want to skip the two posts that follow as it will be more of the same. I promise November will be a kinder month with prettier dolls ~ ha!

For today: meet Gloria and Calvin.

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Halloween Masquerade Paper Doll Collaboration

halloween_rr_masqueHappy Halloween!

Some years ago, we did a Halloween Paper Doll Round Robin that was so much fun that Rachel decided to throw another one ~ and this time open it up to the readers as well.

This year Julie from Paper Doll School created the doll and Rachel from Paper Thin Personas did the heavy lifting on the wrangling and organizing.

We had so many great submissions that it was decided to split them into three pdfs. Thank you to everyone who participated. It’s so awesome to see this level of engagement!

Visit each site below to get the complete set (it’s just like trick-or-treating, but on the internet!)


halloween_rr_masqueradeIn the batch you download from this site, you will find: the Masque of the Red Death (my own contribution, shown above), a gown from Corpse Bride by Gena, Spider Queen from Irma at Papernukublogi, Cat and Pumpkin costumes from Melinda (in color!), a Vampire by Melissa Smith at Miss Missy Paper Dolls, and a Sun/Moon gown from Liana at Liana’s Paper Dolls.

If you’re staying in this evening and want to watch a scary movie, I recommend you pick up The Changeling (1980) with George C. Scott, or The Innocents (1961), with Deborah Kerr. Both are classics. If you want something a little more modern, get yourself An American Werewolf in London, or The Thing (1981 & 1982 respectively ~ and classics in their own rights). Something more obscure? Try the underrated Dolls (1987)If you can’t bear to watch anything made prior to the turn of the last century, then pick up Pan’s Labyrinth (2006), Orphanage (2007), or the excellently terrifying [Rec] (also 2007 ~ the Spanish version, not that silly American remake). These are all movies that prioritize story over gore and are full of genuine frights. Not for the kiddies, though. Best to stick with the old standbys like The Great Pumpkin.

Enjoy all of your Halloween treats! And the tricks too, if they are good and fun!