Judy : the London Serio-comic Paper Doll : Volume 30, 1882

Vol30_01_thumbAnother volume of Judy, the London serio-comic journal. This is Volume 30 from 1882 and includes an additional plate not originally posted to 19th Century Paper Dolls (yay, something new!).

Note: for reasons I can’t explain (nor comprehend, frankly), I reduced the size of the first Judy doll and clothes when I plated them, so even though this one is drawn exactly the same size, the two aren’t compatible. Sorry, I’ll be more mindful going forward.

Volume 30 of the Judy serial has some very strange things in it, but I tried to pick out a balance of costumes that caught my fancy (like the foresty-looking dress) or challenged my ability to reproduce patterns and textures.

Chasemore, the original artist, not only had a vivid imagination, but an true gift for inking. Sometimes his costumes are weird, but mostly they’re a joy to behold and even more fun to render. I can’t do all his designs justice, but the Judy series is fun to work on.

As mentioned previously, I’ll be posting all-new Judy dolls around Thanksgiving. There’s plenty more where these came from!

[Click to download a complete printable .pdf of this doll (6 pages)]