Star Wars Paper Dolls: Leia Organa No. 5


At long last, this is the final plate for the Star Wars Original Trilogy series. While I fell short of my original goal of including Darth Vader and the droids along with our OT heroes, I’m fairly pleased that I managed to at least finish all the base costumes.

Here Leia is wearing her final outfits from Return of the Jedi. I also included her hair-down style from when she’s in the ewok village. She has more costume changes in the final movie of the trilogy than anyone else. No one can beat Padme in the Prequel Trilogy, though. Carrie Fisher’s joke is that she got a new dress every time she walked through a doorway. In case you are at all wondering whether I will be doing those characters, emphatically no. Besides, as mentioned before, there is already a nice set of Amidala paper dolls out there already.

leia_05_bw_thumbI had wanted to challenge myself to do things differently with this series. Like including printable black and white versions for you to color. I focused on basic linework instead of the usual painting I have typically done for my paper dolls.

Really wanted these to be more stylized, but didn’t get there. I think I mentioned before that I intend to just resign myself to the fact that this is my style. And that’s okay.

Lastly, I meant to get silly with these (it all started out as a ridiculous idea of having a Skywalker-Solo Family Picnic), but I never quite got there because I started to take it all too seriously. I kind of regret that. Sometimes I think: well, I’ll go back and supplement stuff, but my track record with following through on that sort of thing is pretty poor all things considered.

So that wraps it up! I don’t know what’s next for me here. Maybe The Force Awakens, but I’d like to start doing some original stuff as well. I have a lot of things that got left in the wings that I’d like to pick up again if I can get organized. Even if it’s stuff I have personally lost interest in pursuing. I might at least share some bits of it since it seems a shame to just leave it to my cabinet.

[Click on each image to download a printable .pdf copy of each plate]

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