Fear the Walking Dead: Madison & Travis

We interrupt our scheduled Force Friday to bring you a special request! I don’t typically do requests because my tastes are particular. Often things other people find interesting aren’t of any special interest to me. However, when I say I’m going to do a set of dolls and then don’t do them–and then a reader very kindly asks me if I ever will? Well, then I feel like I should.

Especially when it’s a simple matter of scanning and plating up stuff that’s been sitting around since 2015 (eek!). I could have posted these a lot sooner, but I had to dig them up, I had to ink Madison’s clothes, paint both Madison’s and Travis’ wardrobes, scan them, plate them, pdf them, and get them uploaded. And I’m a slow and lazy creature.

But here they are! Special just for Amy @TV_Teenager. In truth, I made their entire Season One wardrobes, but I just don’t have the time to paint all that. So here’s the dolls and some starter pieces, and for people who want to play with them, they can fill in the gaps.

Fear the Walking Dead has its moments as a show, but first half of the second season really kind of turned me off, which is why this set perished on the vine. They killed a bunch of characters I liked, and I’m frustrated with its Walking Dead-style nightmare wind-chiming pacing. There’s also entirely too much idiotic character decision-making. Perhaps the Season Two finale’s death ought to bring that under control (along with the too-much whining).

Madison and Travis are still cool though. So here they are!

[As always, click each image to download a printable .pdf!]