Star Wars Paper Dolls: Leia Organa No. 6


I drew this December 27th, the day Carrie Fisher died.  It was a place to put my grief that was more constructive than slapping on the Original Trilogy and zoning out for 6+ hours (okay I did that later). But I couldn’t post it then because I didn’t know what to say.

I still don’t know what to say. Star Wars was an immense part of my childhood, my formation. Princess Leia was an indomitable spirit who normalized the strong female hero. Because of her, I grew up never feeling the lack.

It’s a hard thing to be reconnected to that wonder and to now have lost it so irretrievably in some way. I’m almost certain General Leia will live on somehow (she must for the good of the Resistance), but I will miss her deeply and always wonder at how this new trilogy has been impacted by Fisher’s sudden tragic passing. I only hope that Lucasfilm will give her character the happy ending she deserves (she has suffered so much).

leia_01_tfa_bwI don’t have much to say about the doll. These two costumes and alternate heads from The Force Awakens fit the original doll for the series. Leia is a pragmatic woman with military responsibilities and not a fashion horse, though she does put on a dress at the end (as a celebration of their victory? In mourning for Han?). The dress feels almost out of character in some regards. She no longer has a senatorial role in the galaxy; she is a private citizen and the Resistance is not a sanctioned operation.

With her typical good humor, Fisher described the first one as looking like a gas station attendant. She said the second one had the hairstyle of a baboon’s ass.

I would have liked to have seen her in more flattering attire, but perhaps in her final installment (Episode VIII) she will get to look like both the General and the Princess that she is.

I was honestly so surprised and overjoyed to see her reprise her role last December. Now it’s hard to imagine Star Wars without her.

Requiescat en pace, you talented, wonderful, irreverent woman. Along with your beautiful mother.

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Star Wars Paper Dolls: Leia Organa No. 5


At long last, this is the final plate for the Star Wars Original Trilogy series. While I fell short of my original goal of including Darth Vader and the droids along with our OT heroes, I’m fairly pleased that I managed to at least finish all the base costumes.

Here Leia is wearing her final outfits from Return of the Jedi. I also included her hair-down style from when she’s in the ewok village. She has more costume changes in the final movie of the trilogy than anyone else. No one can beat Padme in the Prequel Trilogy, though. Carrie Fisher’s joke is that she got a new dress every time she walked through a doorway. In case you are at all wondering whether I will be doing those characters, emphatically no. Besides, as mentioned before, there is already a nice set of Amidala paper dolls out there already.

leia_05_bw_thumbI had wanted to challenge myself to do things differently with this series. Like including printable black and white versions for you to color. I focused on basic linework instead of the usual painting I have typically done for my paper dolls.

Really wanted these to be more stylized, but didn’t get there. I think I mentioned before that I intend to just resign myself to the fact that this is my style. And that’s okay.

Lastly, I meant to get silly with these (it all started out as a ridiculous idea of having a Skywalker-Solo Family Picnic), but I never quite got there because I started to take it all too seriously. I kind of regret that. Sometimes I think: well, I’ll go back and supplement stuff, but my track record with following through on that sort of thing is pretty poor all things considered.

So that wraps it up! I don’t know what’s next for me here. Maybe The Force Awakens, but I’d like to start doing some original stuff as well. I have a lot of things that got left in the wings that I’d like to pick up again if I can get organized. Even if it’s stuff I have personally lost interest in pursuing. I might at least share some bits of it since it seems a shame to just leave it to my cabinet.

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Star Wars Paper Dolls: Leia Organa No. 4

Star Wars paper dolls Leia OrganaOur last entry for Force February includes Leia’s infamous (and controversial, these days) slave outfit. I think Carrie Fisher’s response to the controversy is the best. If you don’t know what to tell your kids about the costume, tell them what Leia herself would say. Ironically, this point seems lost on a lot of parents. Or the fact that Leia Organa would never have worn an outfit like that, ever, given the choice.

But anyway, the other costume on this plate is the antipode of the metal bikini: a costume that completely conceals Leia’s gender and identity, by transforming her in the bounty hunter called Boushh.

Perhaps not surprisingly, as a kid I loved this costume. The fact that it was a disguise and that of a dangerous villain, no less! I loved Leia in it, and when Kenner made the toy of it with the removable helmet, that was my favorite action figure of all. She had many, many adventures with Skiff Guard Lando, who was the sexiest man in the galaxy (at least in toyland–naturally, Han Solo occupied that place on the big screen).

Played for hours with those toys. Just seeing those links with pictures of them brings back many happy memories!

Star Wars paper dolls Leia OrganaI had intended to draw the staff/weapon thing that Boushh carries into Jabba’s palace, but I got lazy (yet again~ ha!). I wish I had pushed myself a little more about it. I certainly had time to do it, but once I had passed it over, I kinda just let it go.

But hey, at least she’s holding her thermal detonator, so extra points for that!

So this is my final Force February post! What a crazy month it’s been. For all the posting I did, I actually feel like I’ve been nonetheless quite lazy about it given that I did so much of the original work back in January. I’m out of buffer, though, so this weekend is going to be an interesting race to pull stuff together for next week. Let’s see how it all falls out.

Will likely post the last Luke and Leia plates on Friday, though, so for sure there’s that to look forward to!

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Star Wars Paper Dolls: Leia Organa No. 3

Star Wars paper dolls Leia OrganaWe round our week out with Leia (last, but never least!). And okay, so there was a wee little bit of white left, but mostly we’re in the color-zone now.

Leia’s Bespin “gown” was kind of a horror to draw. That pattern looks serviceable at a distance, but up close it’s quite a mess ~ ha!  I had also planned to fade it out a bit in PhotoShop, but all attempts failed (translate: I made one attempt, it looked bad, and then I just got lazy about it). The best thing about this outfit is her hairstyle that goes with it (one of my favorites).

So instead, I direct your attention to Leia’s cool Hoth vest and boots! The Hoth toys wee seriously my favorite as a kid. If the whole saga had stayed on Hoth you would have heard no complaints from me. These two pieces go with the white Bespin outfit from Leia’s previous plate. Unfortunately, with such a limited wardrobe, there are no mix-and-match options.

Leia does have her own comic book, so I have considered pulling some outfits out that, but I think she mostly wears the same thing (like a superhero–and of course it’s white), so we’ll see how things go. I was very glad they didn’t put her in white in The Force Awakens.

Star Wars paper dolls Leia Organa

People tend to think of The Empire Stikes Back as the “one with the mush in it” because Han and Leia share their fist kiss (awww ~ that kind of makes me sad). It’s also the first time we see Leia with her hair somewhat down (literally and figuratively).

Like Luke, I still have three more plates for Leia, but as I’m looking at them I’m seeing a bit of a problem with the layout for the last one, which I somehow managed to overlook. I tried to be very planful about this whole series so that I wouldn’t be scrounging, but of course I’m scrounging.

It’s apparently my natural habitat.

Hopefully I have enough time to sort it out before next week. With no more Han Solo plates, we’ll be doubling up on either Luke or Leia. I haven’t decided which.

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Star Wars Paper Dolls: Leia Organa No. 2

Star Wars paper dolls Leia OrganaOh Leia, so much white! You’ll probably be pleased to know that these are the last of the full white outfits for Leia and we’ll get to see some actual color next week. I think Leia’s Both-style hair was one of my favorites (she reprises it in Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens). It’s a great look for her. I separated her Hoth jumpsuit from the vest and boots that she wears with them because she’s in the jumpsuit without the layers while they are escaping from Bespin and she’s got different shoes, so technically it’s a different look.

Yesterday I mentioned we were already hitting The Empire Strikes Back with Han, but I guess Leia too doesn’t really have more than those two dresses in A New Hope. That doesn’t stop her from still having twice as many plates as Han in the long run, though.

A lot of people have criticized that Leia is the only female character in Star Wars of any consequence. She only has poor doomed Aunt Beru for competition in A New Hope, virtually nobody in The Empire Strikes Back, and Oola the slave girl and Mon Mothma in Return of the Jedi. I guess looking back I can see how that’s problematic, but at the time it only emphasized to me how badass she was: in a galaxy dominated by men, she held her own.

Star Wars paper dolls Leia OrganaAnd I know there was/is a lot of kerfuffle about the female characters in The Force Awakens, but the people with their feathers ruffled can go pluck themselves: having amazing characters like Rey, Phasma, and Maz Kanata have enriched the Star Wars universe in ways that it needed–and which will keep it relevant long into the 21st century.

That’s all I have to say about the “feminist” agenda with regard to Star Wars (and my use of quotes there is completely intentional), though I suspect I’ll revisit this topic briefly when we get to Leia’s Return of the Jedi costumes. I think much of the discussion on this is overblown and fails to celebrate (or negates entirely) the very positive impact Star Wars had on girls of my generation (and I suspect others).

So just enjoy it. And play with with some paper dolls!

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Star Wars Paper Dolls: Leia Organa

leia_01_color_thumbA long time ago in a galaxy very, very near…before George Lucas ever sold Lucasfilm, LTD for four billion dollars to make it “official”, Leia Organa was my Disney princess. I was never a girly-girl and though I enjoyed fairy tales, Princess Leia was far more interesting than those gown-wearing, hair flaunting blondes. She was whip-smart, sharp-tongued, and could handle stormtroopers herself. She was also an important leader in the Resistance. Take that, Sleeping Beauty.

In an era of not too many great female role models, Carrie Fisher gave girls a character to really admire. Of course she was beautiful too, but beauty was the least of her impressive qualities (even if the boys couldn’t see that sometimes). And I love that Carrie Fisher still doesn’t take any guff from anybody (if you’ve seen her Twitter @carrieffisher, you know what I mean).

leia_01_bw_thumbThis is the first of 6 plates I have for Leia (she’s got quite a few costumes, like Luke). I was never a big fan of her original “bun” hair style (had trouble drawing it too), but it is her iconic first-appearance look, so I had to include it, of course. Because Leia has a lot of different hairstyles throughout the Original Trilogy, she has lots of swappable heads. Like Han, she doesn’t have many accessories, though, so I gave her some weapons (which is she does use in the series).

Not much difference between the colored plate and the black & white plate on this one (even moreso on the next one). Leia does wear a lot of white!

Just as with Luke and Han, I will likely update Leia for The Force Awakens, so there may be an additional plate eventually. I was honestly surprised and delighted to see her in the new movie (I had no idea), though I think she’s gone from the strongest woman in the galaxy to the most tragic. She’s still strong, though. And I fully expect that strength to carry her through this Sequel Trilogy. And I have my fingers crossed that she ultimately has something like a happy ending. She deserves it.

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