The Walking Dead Paper Dolls: Michonne’s Pets

twd04_walker_pets_thumbThis is the final plate I made for the regular Walking Dead series. I wanted to make sure to include some walkers and these two guys are probably two of the most well-known. Mike and Terry knew Michonne before they were “turned” and she used them as camouflage so that she could travel without being harassed. In order to render them harmless, she removed their arms and jaws (pretty gruesome!).

I was going to draw their shirts and the backpacks they carried (Michonne used them to haul supplies), but I never got around to it. But I did add chains, which can go around their necks just for kicks.

Working on this series was fun, but harder than I expected. A good lesson in taking on cultural icons “just because”. When I don’t feel absolutely passionate, staying on focus is difficult.

[Click this link or the image to download a printable .pdf of these costumes]

Next week, I’ll start posting plates from Fear the Walking Dead (in full color). I continue to fall behind and I’ve honestly gotten lazy about it, but I’m determined to get the first season completed before Season 2 starts in April.

The Walking Dead Paper Dolls: Michonne’s Closet

twd07_michonne_thumbWelcome to the kick-off of Fear Friday!

Friday will be reserved for things that make you skin crawl. The current paper doll sets I will be posting are the last two plates of The Walking Dead and then the plates of the spin-off show, Fear the Walking Dead.

Today we have a few outfits for Michonne. Of the three characters I did for this show, Michonne was the hardest to find good costume variations. I finally gave up and reproduced her outfit from the comic book series. It feels a little cheaty, but I was tired of flipping through pictures and I wanted to get this series wrapped up.

On a show full of Mary Sue-ish characters, Michonne strikes me as the most Mary Sue-ish of all. I have yet to feel like she’s a real person at all (and probably never will). She’s still cool, though, and Danai Gurira, who plays her, is awesome.

[Click this link or the image to download a printable .pdf of these costumes]

You can find the plate with Michonne by clicking on her tag below, or click The Walking Dead category link to see all of the plates in this series.

The Walking Dead Paper Dolls: Michonne

twd03_michonne_thumbMichonne is quite the formidable character on The Walking Dead. But of the three characters I’ve done for this series, she was probably the easiest (though, again, drawing her head took me three tries).

I appreciate that she’s a character we haven’t really seen in television before (at least not to my recollection), though she’s a stretch to the credibility overall (because how many people do you know become expert katana-wielders overnight?). But I digress. She’s was fun to work with and I used her for my initial coloring experiment, which was likewise a hoot.

I have a plate of additional costumes for her (I have additional plates for each of the characters), which I will maybe post on some off-days through the rest of the year or alternate with other things in the works. I want to get other stuff rolling and if I only post Walking Dead dolls, that’ll fill the schedule until Christmas.

[Click here or on the image to
download a printable .pdf]

Note: once I’ve posted the additional costume plates, I think I’m done with this series.

I know the show has tons of other characters, but these were seriously hard to do for me since I’m not a devotee of the series–and finding clear, usable source images for the costumes was surprisingly difficult. Maybe I can be convinced to do more if Season 6 stops sucking or someone gives me a compelling reason to pursue it.

If it’s any consolation, I am making paper dolls of the characters from the spinoff show, Fear the Walking Dead (more on that later). So there will be plenty of zombie fun in the new year to come.